Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shumaker comes to Anderson

Today I took part in the 30th Annual Indiana Association of Historians conference. It was a snowy trip up to Anderson (where this year's conference was held), but well worth it. The conference was at Anderson University's "off site" MBA building (which is a partnership with Purdue). It was a nice place to hold a conference, and right off of I-69, so very easy to get in and out of (and probably a bit easier than going on to the Ravens' campus proper).

It was good to see some my IUPUI profs, who are now colleagues, as well as colleagues from Butler, as well as meet others from the University of Indianapolis and Anderson University (these were the Big 4 at the conference this year). I was part of a panel that looked at Religious History. A colleague from Butler gave a paper on the rise of the Methodists in Indiana, I talked about Shumaker (re-introducing him to the state), and a prof from Anderson talked about missionary activity in the Belgian Congo. It was a good panel, and of course we went long! The comments were good (though basically everything he questioned is in the book), and I got a question on Catholics and wine for the Eucharist. So, as professional presentations went, I thought it was good. We had a full room, which is always nice too! We'll see if that translates into any more book sales or not! In the meantime, I was asked to be part of a Peace and Justice panel at the end of March (but we'll have to see if that can happen or not).

Up next is taking Shumaker to Columbia City. There is a possible "road trip" to talk about Shumaker at NorthWood High School in Nappanee, but we'll see about that. And who knows, maybe something else will open up as well! In the meantime, I enjoyed my trip to A-Town and am thankful that my parents were able (and willing) to make the trek down to watch the kids so that I could.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HEAR and There, Drys are Everywhere

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with HEAR ( about the book. It was a nice chat (well, you know if you give a professor a platform, he's going to fill up maybe I got on a roll!)....with lots of good questions. It was a great time in Noblesville!