Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Book Signing V: IUPUI Strikes Back

Today's book signing back at IUPUI wasn't quite the same as the very first one in July, but was still a good time for this author. In the lead up, I conversed with several of my old profs from my grad school days there, which was nice in and of itself, but made more so when one of them stopped by. I got to talk with several people about the book as well. No doubt the highlight was when Shumaker's granddaughter arrived, bearing a gift from the Shumaker family and catching me up on all that has been going on with the family who let me tell the Reverend's story to begin with! That made my time downtown more than worth it. The staff at the IUPUI bookstore was once again great as well.

In other developments, there is a chance that the Shumaker show is going to go on the road in a big way....probably all the way out to Washington, D.C. if all goes as planned! But more on that when I know more.