Sunday, September 27, 2009

Book Signing III: Methodists in the City

Today was the third book signing and first public event for the book. It was held at Meridian Street United Methodist Church in Indianapolis -- which has been my church home since moving to Indy, where Erin and I got married, and where both kids got baptized. It is an historic congregation (the mother church for Methodists in the Circle City), and I was very blessed and honored that the church wanted to do something in conjunction with the book's publication.

All told, there were about 14 members of the congregation in attendance, including 2 members of the church's ministry staff. Additionally, Erin was there with both the kids (who were great) and I was very happy that my parents got to be there as neither of them has actually ever gotten to see me do what I do.

It was a very good time, including some excellent questions from the audience. I can only hope that there might be more such events in the future!

Next up is a book signing in Franklin (October 3), and then a return visit to IUPUI in November! With a bit of luck there will be more in the new year (beyond just the one set for March in Columbia City)!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sales and Signings

Book sales, officially, according to the Press for the fiscal year (ending 30 June 2009) stand at 157. Which is not a bad start (considering that the book didn't officially "drop" until 15 May 2009). I've been told that back in the day, academic sales were considered "good" if they topped 500. That's still my goal, of course I wouldn't mind going over that either!

On September 27th, there will be a book signing and "public event" at Meridian Street United Methodist Church......which has been my church home since I moved to Indy, and where research on what became the book first began. I'm very excited about being able to do this, and that the church wanted to do something!

On November 4th, I'll be returning to the IUPUI bookstore for a book signing as well. I'm still holding out hope something will come together for October in Franklin, but we'll see I guess. There also looks like I'll be doing something in Columbia City in March of next year. All very exciting, and reminds me how blessed I've been to be able to do this project.